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Labor and social security consulting

Support to companies regarding tax aspects related to labor and social security issues, in accordance with the legislation in force.

The recent legal changes, as well as the changes in the format of labor and social security obligations, require a more strategic and technology-oriented performance by organizations. Deloitte supports companies in aligning practices and policies through a corporate vision, which will ensure the opening of new communication channels and the improvement of processes, resulting in optimization of efforts, mitigation of risks and costs.

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How to reduce the risks of outsourcing services?
Outsourcing is an alternative for strategic cost reduction with its own workforce. However, the lack of control over compliance with labor and social security obligations by outsourced companies has resulted in negative impacts on organizations, increasing costs with lawsuits and bringing risks related to brand image.

In addition to new horizons for outsourcing services, the new regulation of these activities creates the need to improve controls and checks on compliance with labor and social security aspects of outsourced employees.

Technological differential
Deloitte supports organizations in reducing outsourcing risks by monitoring documents and contracts through high-tech tools applied by a specialized team. We are pioneers in the subject, with results far beyond legal compliance. We bring a new horizon in the evaluation and control of service providers.

e-Social and EFD-Reinf
We offer structured solutions to support organizations in obtaining legal and procedural compliance to adhere to the new format of labor, social security and tax returns. Moreover, we act in a preventive way to ensure the quality of the reported information and compliance with the related legal aspects.

Diagnosis of HR procedures
Our customized approach responds to the particularities of each economic sector, ensuring compliance with the current legislation, to mitigate the risks regarding the appropriate authorities.

Support in inspection procedures
Our expertise in compliance and accessory labor and social security obligations enables us to support organizations in the most diverse inspection procedures. We have solutions to ensure the review and rectification of obligations, as well as to understand and validate the composition of contribution/compensation amounts challenged by the Tax Authorities.


Identification of social security credits
The complex legal framework that involves social security tax and its additions allows us to act in the identification of possible payments that ensure the claim for and proper utilization of social security credits for companies.

Management of appeal bonds
Appeal bonds in labor lawsuits may represent a cash flow financial resource if properly controlled and mapped.

Strategic application of the labor reform
The recent labor reform brings a range of opportunities for organizations. However, it is crucial that the new practices are adopted in a structured way, equalizing costs, risks and people. Deloitte acts in the creation of reform application strategies for each sector, respecting their particularities and needs.




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