Insights on Digital Transformation

Deloitte's report explores perspectives and opportunities for the ICT sector in Brazil

Deloitte’s study “Insights about Digital Transformation and ICT Opportunities for Brazil” points out possible directions and initiatives to overcome the limiting barriers for the Brazilian integration to the digital era. The report was elaborated based on internal analysis, market research and interviews with different sectors of the society, and intends to bring an inclusive perspective that could benefit the development of the country.

The study also addresses viable actions and cases that the Brazilian public and private sectors can jointly collaborate, for the purpose of positioning Brazil into the tier of countries that have leveraged the ICT infrastructure to enable new business models and improve competitive advantage.

In order to support the ICT development in the country, the report proposes a number of initiatives for the five main pillars of the digital ecosystem: 5G ready, optical fiber, cloud, safe city and talent.

Main highlights of the report

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