Digital media trends survey, 13th edition

A snapshot of consumer media consumption

From streaming services to pay TV to gaming platforms to video games, consumers are “piecing together” their media and entertainment options to suit their needs. But consumers say they have to work hard to find their desired content—and pay for multiple subscriptions—to have it their way. Will the costs start to outweigh the benefits?

Consumers have never had so many choices. And while today’s digital media consumer has endless options at their fingertips, they’re having to subscribe to an increasing amount of services to be able to access all of the content they’re looking for.

What can media companies do to make it easier for consumers to piece together their entertainment experience?

The 13th edition of our Digital Media Trends Survey takes a closer look at the expansion of streaming services and other trends to watch in 2019.

Digital media trends survey, 13th edition
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