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Beyond innovation by shotgun

As technology transforms how business is done, innovation has become a strategic imperative. CIOs can play a leading role in driving and industrializing technology-led innovation.

Many CIOs face a significant gap between the current and desired state of their innovation capabilities, according to data from Deloitte’s CIO Program surveys and interaction with technology leaders. A majority of CIOs (59 percent) are aiming high, but they have some ground to cover: Only 11 percent assessed their current innovation capabilities as excellent or leading.

In this CIO Insider report, we explore the role of technology in innovation and include pragmatic advice for helping to improve technology-powered innovation capacity and develop a comprehensive process for industrializing innovation.

Whether technology leaders are driving, supporting, or enabling innovation, it is important to help their organizations build a strong innovation capability. This typically requires them to do the following:

  • Develop a portfolio mindset
  • Engage in the end-to-end innovation process from ideation to actualization
  • Embrace the innovation ecosystem approach

CIO Insider: Beyond innovation by shotgun

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