Tech Trends 2019

Beyond the digital frontier

Deloitte’s 10th annual Tech Trends report identifies those trends that are likely to disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months, including advanced networking, intelligent interfaces, NoOps in a serverless world, and more. Special to this year’s tenth edition: Tech Trends reflects on a decade of disruptive change and demystifies the future of digital transformation.

Our tenth annual Tech Trends report analyses the top trends impacting decision makers in the coming year. Starting with a reflection on the last decade, we detail the disruption driven by nine macro forces.

As we look ahead, the report explores how 2019 technology trends are giving rise to new operating models, redefining the nature of work, and dramatically changing IT’s relationship with the business.

This year's trends

  • Macro technology forces at work

The “state of the state” of nine technology forces that have been - and still are - the backbone of innovation.

  • AI-fuelled organizations

Reaching AI’s full potential can lead to data-driven decision-making and insights across core business processes and enterprise operations.

  • NoOps in a serverless world

The next state in the evolution of cloud computing automates key tasks, allowing IT talent to shift focus from operations to outcomes.

  • Connectivity of tomorrow

For digital transformation, rapid advances in connectivity and new, advanced networking products and services are becoming mission-critical.

  • Intelligent interfaces

The ways people interact with technology today could soon be replaced with synchronous and natural-seeming “intelligent interfaces.”

  • Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined

CMOs and CIOs are partnering to deliver highly personalised, contextualised experiences enabled by new marketing tools and techniques.

  • DevSecOps and the cyber imperative

DevSecOps fundamentally transforms cyber and risk management from compliance-based activities to essential framing mindsets.

  • Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future

A call to action: Singular technologies and techniques are but ingredients in a transformation recipe.

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