A new age of storytelling

How digital reality could help marketers tell better stories

The rapid advancement of digital reality has ushered in a new age of storytelling for many brands. As technology often blurs the line between storyteller and listener, how can marketers use digital reality to their advantage?

With the rapid advancement of digital reality, we appear to be at the beginning of a new era in storytelling. Through increasingly immersive and self-directed experiences, digital reality—augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, and 360-degree videos—is cracking wide open our understanding of storytelling due to its unique ability to merge the roles of the listener and the storyteller.

In A new age of storytelling, the article aim to help marketers clarify their understanding of how some of the most powerful customer experiences relate to storytelling and how stories can build toward broader and more powerful narratives. We will then look at some examples of brands that are using digital reality storytelling to build their brand and deliver business results.

A new age of storytelling
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