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Organizational Culture: Would you recognize the warning  signs of a toxic culture?

Welcome to the new issue of On the board’s agenda, a publication where we focus on topical issues of importance to directors.

In this issue

Determining whether your organization’s culture poses a risk to your organization raises many challenges, but it is so critical to your success that some are calling it “The Next Frontier for Boards.”

In this issue of On the board’s agenda, you will discover:

  • The culture spectrum – Key warning signs that put cultures at risk of “tipping” from a healthy state into becoming toxic.
  • Cultural indicators – How to build a useful dashboard for assessing the health of your organization’s culture using key statistics and other sources of information?
  • Considerations for the board – Critical issues to consider to ensure your oversight of culture is effective, and how you can ensure that the “tone at the top” is reflected throughout the organization.

Join James L. Goodfellow, a director of Canadian Tire Corporation and co-author of Integrity in the Spotlight: Audit Committees in a High Risk World and of Disclosure and Certification — What’s at Stake? and Veronica Melian, leader of Deloitte’s Global Culture Practice, as they examine the challenges organizations face when assessing their culture and its potential risks and share insights on how to effectively manage them.

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