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Recognizing our 2016 Women Tax Leaders

The International Tax Review, a well-known online journal covering a broad range of international tax issues, has named nine of Deloitte Tax leaders in the 2016 Women in Tax Leaders guide.

Finding your niche. Listening to your clients. What makes a successful leader?

Here is what our Tax leaders have to say:


I bring to my clients experience and learning gathered from years of working with them alongside a strong team, and have benefitted greatly from excellent mentorship along the way.

Laurie Goldbach, Partner, Tax Litigation


To be successful, it is key to nurture the next generation of leaders and support their success. I contribute to my team's efforts, as well as those of my clients’ teams, in fostering the growth and development of leaders in the marketplace.

Norma Kraay, Partner, Tax

The key to any successful business relationship is understanding your client’s pain points and business challenges. My practical, pragmatic approach, together with my passion for problem solving, allows me to use my expertise in an innovative, transformative and effective way. These qualities are valued most by my clients.

Fatima Laher, Partner, Tax

I’m the type of advisor who seeks to understand my client’s objectives and works to ensure that all of the client’s needs are met as we manage solutions together.

Sheri Penner, Partner, Tax

When I meet a client, it’s not just about numbers and jargon - it’s also about their business. I focus on listening and providing insights on the “unknown unknowns”. It’s a challenge that motivates me to always come up with new ideas and build a long term relationship based on trust.

Geneviève Provost, Partner, Tax

I became a recognized expert in my field by finding my niche and providing key insights to my clients, focusing on understanding their businesses and how they interact with Tax.

Janice Roper, Partner, Tax

I significantly expanded the depth and breadth of my skills by working in various areas of tax and various industries, which enabled me to become a much more valuable and trusted advisor to my clients.

Lorna Sinclair, Partner, Tax

I became a known leader in the area of Global Employer Services by creating strong connections with my clients and maintaining frequent face-to-face contact. My passion is to partner with my clients in transforming global tax compliance requirements to value-added business solutions.

Terri Spadorcia, Partner, Tax