Love your job and everything else in between

By Ogden Salillari

Staff Accountant | Audit and Advisory

Have you ever wondered how some friends and peers manage to be so enthusiastic and happy while still having busy jobs? I’m here to tell you that achieving this goal is possible for everyone, and I’ll give you some steps to do it. First, we must break down some misconceptions you may have about this goal, which some would label as a “work-life balance.” I think the phrase itself is problematic and I’ll tell you why.

The phrase implies that work is something to be avoided because it gets in the way of the things you really want to do. But for me, these two are not separate and a busy schedule can be exciting. There are many interesting things to do at home and at work, and the trick is to get pleasure out of doing both. 

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo and super-mom, has a great perspective on a busy lifestyle: “Burnout isn’t caused by working too hard, but by resentment at having to give up what really matters to you.”

Here are the steps I take to stay positive and happy with a full plate:

  1. Prioritize the things you want to do and identify the things you can’t live without, like your daily workout. Make these can’t-live-without items non-negotiable.
  2. Accept that some sacrifice is inevitable. You won’t be able to do everything. The trick is making sure you don’t sacrifice what you really want to do
  3. Create a schedule for the week to manage your time efficiently.
  4. Write down three things you want to accomplish for the day. Try to hit different areas of your life: a goal at work, reconnect with an acquaintance or maybe even learn how to cook a new healthy dish.
  5. Envision the desired outcome from your activities and try to achieve them.
  6. Be flexible; things will come up and you need to learn how to adapt. 
  7. Most importantly, take breaks! Go on vacation, watch Netflix, read – anything relaxing. Taking a break will allow you to recharge and come back to work or school with renewed focus.

Feeling happy while being busy can be as easy as reframing your mindset around your job or the situation you are in. Remember that achieving a healthy balance requires overlap in your work and personal life. Don’t think of these activities as isolated events; “work” and “life” are both important parts of your day. Seeing the positives and possibilities of different activities will allow you to tap into the excitement of a busy schedule. 

Ogden recently graduated from McGill University majoring in a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Accounting. He is currently a Staff Accountant at our Toronto practice.

Ogden Salillari
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