Financial performance and trends - North American F&B processing industry

Benchmarking for Success 2018

Since the early 90s, Deloitte has been providing insights to the food and beverage (F&B) industry. On the 14th edition of F&B Benchmarking for success report, we bring financial analysis, industry trend analysis, and key insights from the North American F&B industry.

In this report, we found that the industry and the market as a whole continued its bullish run since the 2008 recession. However, the markets are currently facing uncertainty due to unpredictable political, economic, and social factors.

The easy access to information is transforming the market; consumer trends, social media, information sharing, changing M&A appetites, and increasing investment in health and wellness, ethnic, organic and sustainable, convenience, and technology-focused F&B companies have influenced preferences.

The pressure to stay current and on top of the consumer and technological trends demonstrates the need to actively engage in potential strategic acquisitions to preserve and grow market share.

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