Canadian human capital trends 2014

Proceed with action, challenges ahead

This survey reveals human capital trends influencing the future course of talent and HR in Canada as well as top talent issues for business leaders.

To manage and engage the 21st-century workforce, organizations need to focus on direct tangible benefits that solve business problems and do more than maintain good employee relations and the status quo. Indeed, good is no longer good enough.

The workforce has changed
Deloitte’s survey of more than 2,500 senior business leaders in more than 90 countries reveals current human capital trends influencing the future course of talent and HR, as well as the readiness of organizations to address the major challenges.

This year, the message is clear: the world’s leading organizations are struggling to keep up with the emerging multi-generational, borderless, technology-savvy workforce of the 21st century. Leadership development, retention and engagement as well as workforce capability all rose to the top of the key challenges that organizations are facing.

The Canadian perspective
Canadian respondents aligned this year with their global counterparts in identifying leadership as the top talent issue over the coming year as well as the most urgent. Not only is there a shortage of leaders at every level, but the talent programs to develop existing and future leaders are mainly viewed as either weak or merely adequate, revealing a perceived gap in HR’s capability to add and deliver value.

This and other Canadian trends are discussed in Human capital trends 2014: Proceed with action, challenges ahead.

Global trends
Human capital trends 2014: Engaging the 21st century workforce
 reveals 12 global trends shaping talent, HR and global business over the coming years.

The survey reveals that many HR teams lack the skills needed to meet the challenges of today’s global business environment, one that is characterized by disruptions in labour markets, evolving workforce demographics, shifts in technology and the changing nature of work itself.

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