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We usually start working with our clients by having an initial conversation during which we talk about your specific situation and your unique challenges. In many cases, we provide immediate assistance to current problems. In other cases, our trusted advisor would stay in touch to provide support in your future business decisions. Please contact us to set up a meeting.

Our services

Legal and financial protection of private wealth

Developing asset structures satisfying the latest global expectations that provide a tailored protection of accumulated wealth against external attacks.

Cross-border transactions and personal ties

In addition to the classic legal and tax questions, our experts assist you in the administration of moving abroad through the interpretation of international treaties, or in coordination with the authorities of the relevant countries.

Succession planning, generational change

In close cooperation with the leading personalities of business life and their families, our experts assist family-owned businesses in succession planning with special focus on the personal and confidential nature of the project.

Other advisory services

Our experts are ready to provide any traditional Deloitte services such as M&A advisory, tax and legal issues.

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