Directors’ Alert


Directors' Alert 2019

Taking the long-term view

How is your Board involved with protecting and enhancing your organisations’ reputation? Hear from several Deloitte business leaders and independent global directors as they examine strategies Boards can pursue to protect and enhance their organisations’ reputation in today’s hyper-connected world.

Boards are uniquely positioned to oversee the long-term vision of an organisation. Yet, many boards and executive teams are often tempted to focus on the short term. How can boards inject long-term thinking into their oversight role? Hear from Deloitte business leaders and non-executive directors on how boards can apply a long-term lens to their oversight role in an age of disruption and uncertainty.

Deloitte's 10th edition of Directors' Alert covers the following topics:

  • Recognising how industry 4.0 will impact the long term
  • Identifying how organisations can better engage with investors – and activists
  • Understanding how organisations can re-imagine their ESG impacts
  • Navigating tax strategy in a digital and complex world

Long-termism begins with the board. Prepare your board for the future, today.

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Directors' Alert 2019
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