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Designing emotionally intelligent human experiences

January 9 | 1 p.m. ET

Customers increasingly judge their worst experience with one brand against the best experience they have with that brand's competitors. How are organizations using integrated arrays of immersive and leading-edge technologies to design customized, emotionally intelligent human experiences that complement and enrich rather than limit experiential possibilities? We'll discuss:

  • The types of experiences users want.
  • How to create human experiences by leveraging connections between people, systems, data, and products.
  • Designing emotionally intelligent experiences around behaviors, preferences, and values of individual users.

Participants will discover how to recognize behaviors and explore ways to use technology to create an experience that is contextually appropriate to the user.

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Cybersecurity on the front lines: A call to action

January 14 | 2 p.m. ET

As cyber technologies continue to proliferate, cybersecurity risks grow. Have you deployed innovative approaches and challenged conventional thinking in your management of cybersecurity? We'll discuss:

  • Deploying people, processes, and technologies in a broad-based plan for cybersecurity risk.
  • Using cyber assessment and readiness programs to evaluate, report, and communicate cybersecurity risk management effectiveness to the board, executive leadership, risk committee, and other stakeholders.
  • Applying agile techniques and other innovative approaches to help organizational lines of defense work together toward common cybersecurity objectives.

Participants will discover ways to enhance cyber program capabilities and determine how to benefit from risk assessments of cybersecurity controls and reporting effectiveness across the three lines of defense.

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How large-scale, resilient organizations thrive in a complex world

January 15 | 2 p.m. ET

Adapt or risk becoming obsolete is a fundamental rule of nature and business. As the speed of business continues to accelerate, how do leading organizations thrive while others struggle to adapt? We'll discuss:

  • How organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals can work together to anticipate, adapt, and meet the challenges of the future.
  • How adaptable organizations make faster decisions to increase their resilience.
  • How adaptable organizations learn faster and become better equipped for continuous improvement.

Participants will identify traits that distinguish resilient organizations and evaluate actions they can take to become more adaptable and resilient themselves.

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