The future of audit

What are the trends shaping the audit of tomorrow?

As the world transforms, audit is in a state of change as well. Thierry Aubertin, Managing Partner of Audit and Member of the Executive at Deloitte Switzerland, shares Deloitte’s vision of the future of audit.

In today’s constantly evolving and complex world, Swiss and international corporates are challenged to adapt their audit processes and increase transparency to generate a positive outcome. In addition, they also have to explore ways of integrating new technologies to further enhance audit quality.

In an interview with Handelszeitung, Thierry Aubertin, Managing Partner Audit and Member of the Executive at Deloitte Switzerland, shares his views on audit rotation, price pressure in the industry, digitisation, emerging trends and career opportunities for auditors. He also discusses the true value of audit for companies and Deloitte itself as an auditor.

Audits play a fundamental role in the capital market system. As the world is changing more and more, assurance becomes more and more indispensable. At Deloitte, we know that the traditional audit needs to evolve. How should the audit profession begin to address these evolving demands? We tackle the new challenges which innovation holds and shape the audit of the future. Therefore, Deloitte invests heavily in its audit portfolio and employees on the way to the «Audit of the Future».

(Source: Handelszeitung, 06.10.2016)

The future of audit
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