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Identity & Access Management

Organisations are adopting more and more varied ways of interacting with employees, customers, and partners via the Web, social media, and mobile device technologies. As a result, many have experienced a significant spike in access points and digital user identities. Today, they find themselves struggling to gain greater control over identity and access management.

Through our Identity and Access Management (IAM) practice, Deloitte addresses the full IAM lifecycle using our proven framework. To enhance organisational results, we take a business-focused, end-to-end approach that safeguards and streamlines identity management in support of cost savings, productivity, and risk reduction goals. This includes leveraging our extensive industry and sector experience related to processes, controls, technology, and security, as well as Deloitte's in-depth vendor software knowledge. The Security team will be able to provide the full range of identity and access management advisory, strategic, technical and vendor specialist skills including Aveska, CA, IBM, Novell, Oracle and SailPoint. 

Access Certification

Identity risks arise from an organisation’s drive to expose systems and applications to an increasingly wide user-base. Evolving data access requirements lead to an increasingly dynamic environment that exposes organisations to new risks. 

User Lifecycle Management

Effectively defining user roles and responsibilities, securing redundant accounts and improving single sign-on authorisation can improve efficiency and increase business satisfaction. 

Cloud Identity & Federation

Organisations are increasingly moving their applications and infrastructure to third-party or cloud-based solutions. Ensuring that a user’s identity is managed within such external environments is often a challenge. 

Privileged Access Management

Organisations are facing a number of challenges in managing privileged accounts; the right tools and processes can reduce overhead and increase control. 

Data Rights Management

Protect sensitive data by controlling who can access a document right through the entire information lifecycle, both internally and externally to your organisation.