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Internal Controls

The ability of an organisation to control its risks is critical to its continued success. Getting controls right enables organisations to effectively manage risks and drive performance. It also keeps costs down, grows revenue, secures assets and meets legal and regulatory compliance.

Controls assurance, remediation and transformation

Delivering a robust control environment that meets the financial, operational, regulatory and legal requirements of a financial institution.

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Risk Monitoring and Control Automation

Expectation to continuously reduce costs and overheads, yet maintain or improve the quality of controls and number of issues/errors occurring in core processes.

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Regulatory Compliance Controls

Organisations are facing increased ethical and regulatory requirements. We provide a full spectrum of compliance control services for many regulations including SOX, ICS, Solvency 2, Basel 2, FATCA, FCPA, FINMA requests, the Bribery Act 2010 and the Sunshine Act.

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Application Controls

Deloitte have created a number of robust methodologies and approaches for supporting clients with SAP implementations, ranging from complete implementations to project assurance and steering committee attendance.

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Project Risk & Programme Assurance

Deloitte has a proven project assurance and risk management methodology, which draws upon leading best practice approaches.

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Fraud Risk & Control

Whilst no organisation can be completely immune from the threat of fraudulent activity, steps can be taken to reduce exposure to financial loss, reputational damage and service interruption.

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Service Auditor Reporting

The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) issued the new international standard ISAE 3402 for engagements to report on controls at service organisations.

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