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Risk Governance

In response to a number of recent risk events, governance requirements are being established in a growing number of jurisdictions and industries. At many institutions the Board of Directors is also taking a more active role in providing oversight of risk management, including establishing the risk management policy and framework and establishing the institution’s risk appetite.

ERM strategy and vision development

We can assist you in the development of your ERM Strategy and vision in order to define the desired direction of ERM activities, to set consistent expectations for ERM and to develop a common understanding of the ERM programme in your organisation. 

Risk governance structure and oversight

The Board of Directors is increasingly faced with the need to actively oversee the organisation’s risk management activities. We can assist in the development of a risk governance structure that reflects your organisation’s strategy, objectives, culture and ERM programme. 

Risk appetite

Defining a risk appetite statement and supporting risk tolerance levels is a clear and effective way of communicating your organisation’s risk profile. A risk appetite should be aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives, willingness to take risk and its capability to absorb risk. 

Enterprise Risk Management policies

A risk management policy establishes and provides the authority and governance structure for the ERM programme and for the risk management committee. It incorporates the objectives and principles of risk management with your company’s risk appetite and chosen risk management framework.