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Supply Chain Risk Advisory

Managing third-party risk in the supply chain

Third-party suppliers bring opportunities, increased profitability and a wide range of other benefits. They are often so important to the success of the business that they become key strategic partners. Third-party risk becomes even more challenging in the supply chain. Typical examples include product recalls, poor standards at supplier’s facility, unknown fourth party players; the list goes on.

Our Contract Risk and Compliance team provides the organisation support in many areas of the supply chain risk management process ranging from control design and implementation, assurance and compliance, and different levels of risk assessments to the development of tools to manage data and help prioritise supplier risk importance.

Supplier Assurance

Gain control over your suppliers by engaging us to review your supplier’s implementation of controls and other measures dictated by contract or to review the supplier’s performance against contractual terms. This service is similar to those provided as part of our Business Partner Assurance services but tailored to supply chain risks. 

Supply Chain Risk Management

We can help you to analyse and implement supply chain management internal controls or to design and implement a Supply Risk Management Program. We work with our team to incorporate industry best practices and ISO requirements when delivering these services. Visit our Governance and Risk Management services page for additional information. 

Third Party Risk Assessment

Our risk experts can perform an internal and external risk assessment of supplier relationships through the facilitation of supplier questionnaires or onsite visits to the supplier. 

Third Party Data Services

Our team will help you implement robust and repeatable repositories and tools dictated by business criteria and predefined values to rank and understand supplier risk. Internal prioritisation of supplier risk is essential to a successful third-party compliance program.