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Welcome to Nextland

When you join Deloitte, you join Nextland.

Nextland is not a place, it’s a way of thinking. It is where we leave the status quo behind and allow ourselves to think big.

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What is Nextland?

When you join Deloitte, you join Nextland. It’s not a place, it’s a way of thinking. This is where we leave the status quo behind and allow ourselves to think big.

In Nextland, we come together with great ideas and grand ambitions. We take action and build solutions for our clients and ourselves. We collaborate and give each other plenty of room to grow. We are always bold and ever curious. We connect with one another beyond boundaries. We embrace diversity and are respected for who we are.

Together, we shape the future of business. Welcome to Nextland.

What impact will you make?

Nextland is our place to be bold and curious, highly connected, and truly respected. Because that’s how we shape the future of business together.

  • Be curious and bold: You are encouraged to explore new ideas, challenge conventions and seek opportunities to grow.
  • Be connected: You collaborate with teams of smart and international individuals to find effective solutions to our clients most complex questions.
  • Be respected: You can be yourself and are trusted to make Deloitte stronger.

Let’s make an impact together. Welcome to Nextland.

Be curious

Join us in Nextland, and let’s ask the really big questions together. At Deloitte, we have the tools to challenge conventions and explore new horizons. This is where we think and work together. We stay curious and look for innovative ideas. We ask every question and look deeper at complex matters. We change our perspective on things and embrace the unexpected. We are eager and we always keep striving for a higher level. We look at things from every angle to find the best solution. Are you ready to break the status quo and make an impact?

Be respected

You can only be your best when you can be yourself. You are welcome here. And more importantly, you’re welcome to stay true to yourself here. Because when our people get the respect they deserve, they get the chance to really make an impact. Respected employees are happier and more productive. We think it’s also the right way to do business. At Deloitte Switzerland, we cover more than 50 nationalities. We work and think on the international level. Diversity is in our DNA. And we are proud of it. At Deloitte, we cherish and value everyone’s individuality and we strive for an open and inclusive culture.

Be connected

At Deloitte, we collaborate across the world. This is our strength. Because together we can solve our clients’ most complex problems. We have a strong team vibe and trust each other. We work on an international level and share our knowledge to find the most effective solutions for our clients. Strong bonds are created through our different social events. Most of them last a lifetime. Work hard, play hard. We believe in a win-win balance. We spend a lot of time together. As colleagues, but also as friends. Let’s be connected and shape the future of business.

Be connected

Natalie Zeidler

Manager, Deloitte Consulting

In Consulting, you quickly learn to find your way around new environments. Still, I could discover a completely different side of me in Deloitte Australia. And I've learned that I'm a more typical Swiss than I thought.


Dominik Ouschan

Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting

To progress as a FIFA referee as well as in Consulting, I strive to stay humble, honest and curious. Everything I learn in sport can also be applied in business, and vice versa.


dominik ouschan

Deborah Taranto

Senior Consultant, Tax & Legal

I am proud to have been part of One Young World in Bogotá. Exploring new ideas, challenging conventions and going the extra mile to search for the reason behind to find simple answers to the most complex questions.



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