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Swiss Christmas Retail Survey 2013

The Informed Consumer

Deloitte is proud to present an overview of its annual Christmas survey polling European consumers on their spending patterns during the Christmas shopping season. Our member firms have published this survey since 1998, Switzerland has contributed to the research since 2007.

Our survey is based on the responses received from 17’354 European consumers, including 779 from Switzerland, on their current sentiment to the state of the economy and their expected spending patterns during the festive season.

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Key points:

  • Swiss consumers retain their cautious outlook for the economy, but are prepared to spend on Christmas. With CHF 807 per household the Swiss Christmas budget is the 4th highest in Europe.
  • The importance of online shopping, M-commerce and social media continues to grow. This year 39% of the survey participants plan to buy their Christmas presents online, up from 31% in 2012.
  • Cross-border shopping in Euro countries remains attractive. Forty-eight percent of Swiss consumers are planning to make Christmas purchases (partially) in Euros. Nevertheless, the share has declined marginally, compared to two years ago, due to the stability of the Swiss Franc/Euro exchange rate over this period.
  • The gap between gifts wished for and purchased increased this year, indicating that many gifts could be returned. This is an increasing challenge for the industry.
Swiss Christmas Retail Survey 2013
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