H. Moser & Cie.: The future of a timeless brand

Deloitte supported the Swiss luxury watch company to reimagine its customer experience by collaboratively exploring the added value of edge technologies

The Genesis Project, a triptych of state-of-the-art watches leveraging the power of web3 and the metaverse, points the way to the future of luxury goods. For owners, it’s a way to secure their watch’s authenticity, preserve its value and much more, all in one mobile app. For its part, Moser gains access to deeper user engagement and a new generation of customers.

Swiss luxury watch brands are renowned for their peerless craftsmanship and superior service. In the industry’s epicenter, Deloitte Switzerland combined that tradition with innovation by helping create an immersive customer experience for watch connoisseurs that spans the physical, digital and virtual worlds. Find out how below.

Step 1: Pioneering the future of luxury

H. Moser & Cie, a venerable luxury watchmaker, was looking to bring innovation to a traditional industry, by exploring how new digital technologies could transform its customer experience and protect the value of its products on the secondary market by following their journey over the years. Deloitte Switzerland’s central innovation team, which helps clients innovate in new products and services by offering strategic thinking, human-centered design, customer-centricity and emerging technologies, approached the watchmaker with an eye on collaboration.

Step 2: Collaborating with the best

Moser and Deloitte Switzerland’s vision was to co-create an omnichannel brand experience that would introduce the next generation of watch ownership, enabling the customer to enjoy new, value-added services. With the help of Deloitte colleagues in Poland and Belgium as well as the Deloitte creative consultancy ACNE, they pulled together some of the top players in their respective industries to bring best-in-class knowledge and services to the effort. Zurich Switzerland contributed the first hybrid insurance product from a major insurer, covering the watch and its digital assets. Salesforce launched the first global pilot of its Web3 CRM module, which creates and manages the digital tokens populating the Genesis app. Aura Blockchain Consortium provided its blockchain for the e-certificate, e-warranty and the first e-insurance of the physical watch. Meanwhile, payment platform Crossmint delivered one of the first integrations of a Web3 wallet into a mobile app.

Step 3: A laser focus on customer experience

The result was the Genesis watch—the first of a triptych of models—which has been warmly welcomed in the market. It is an engaging, feature-rich experience that transforms how people use and interact with watches. Activating the Genesis app and wallet via the QR code engraved on the watch’s sapphire crystal, owners can authenticate and protect their timepiece through an e-certificate, an e-guarantee and e-insurance. They also gain access to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offering digital art and other content, as well as VIP access to the Moser Lounge, an interactive metaverse gathering place for collectors. The app’s blockchain technology also protects both present and future owners—after a resale, the next owner will enjoy the same peace of mind by using the app to authenticate and protect their watch.

What’s next?

The innovative technologies and customer experiences explored in the Genesis Project collaboration have wide-ranging applications beyond the watch industry. They could ensure that customers of other luxury items such as jewelry, or art, own the authentic item. Manufacturers may deploy similar digital tokens to prove the authenticity of airplane, auto or robotics parts, or life sciences companies use them to ensure medications are genuine and to securely store customer data. The technology could be a powerful tool for companies to authenticate responsible sourcing of materials, whether in mining and energy, or the food industry. The opportunities are endless.

To help H. Moser & Cie imagine the future of luxury watches we have mobilised leading industry players globally. At Deloitte, we called on the full breadth of our capabilities from consulting to risk advising and legal to enable Moser to think holistically about how to deliver new digital and virtual experiences.

Fabien Lopez,
Director Consulting, Deloitte Switzerland

Customers are curious about new ways to engage with their favourite brands. We can now offer them new innovative and immersive experiences.

Antonio Russo,
Head of Analytics & Cognitive Innovation Leader and Partner, Deloitte Switzerland


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