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Understanding what’s on the horizon in the luxury industry

Luxury On Air explores the trends, innovations and personalities defining and redefining the luxury industry. Delving into the real-world, theoretical and strategic implications of running and growing luxury brands in our ever-changing world, this podcast brings together global thought leaders, academics, business leaders, brands and retailers.

Hosted by Karine Szegedi and Felicitas Morhart, Luxury On Air is brought to you by Deloitte Switzerland and the Swiss Center for Luxury Research at HEC Lausanne (UNIL). Karine and Felicitas bring their knowledge of the luxury industry from two very different vantage points - the worlds of consulting and academia – to discuss, analyse and hypothesise such transformational topics including:

  • The evolution of luxury consumption and its implications for the future
  • Successful growth strategies amid changing consumer, societal and economic trends
  • The notion of materialism in an increasingly dematerialised world
  • Reconciling the in-person shopping experience with the convenience of e-commerce
  • The innovations helping brands become more sustainable, accountable and responsible
  • Balancing authentic, aspirational and accessible messaging
  • The outlook of the industry and the situation in emerging economies, including China

With renowned guests from global fashion houses, watch brands, automobile manufacturers, high-end retailers and consumer behaviour experts, Luxury On Air is a must listen for those want to understand what’s on the horizon in the luxury industry.

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Episode 14: Breaking down blockchain

Karine speaks with Daniela Ott, General-Secretary of Aura Blockchain Consortium about how luxury brands worldwide are using blockchain solutions to provide supply chain transparency and traceability through RFID tags, NFTs and QR codes, and in turn increasing consumer trust in the luxury market.


Episode 13: Well versed in the metaverse

Felicitas speaks to Dr. Fabio Duma, Head of Luxury & Creative Industries at Zurich University of Applied Sciences about the business potential of NFTs, whether luxury brands are prepared for the metaverse and how this new reality will disrupt traditional brands.


Episode 12: Brand evolution with Bally

Nicolas Girotto, CEO of Bally, talks to Karine about transforming a brand steeped in tradition, both creatively and digitally, how Bally is redesigning retail strategy, responding to changing customer expectations and why ‘Made in Switzerland’ will always be part of Bally’s DNA.


Episode 11: Trailblazers in the watch industry

Ben Clymer, Founder and Executive Chairman of HODINKEE and Thomas Baillod, Founder of BA111OD Watch Concept join Karine Szegedi to discuss how they are shaking up this traditional industry when it comes to retail models and product innovation, and the importance of cultivating a community.


Episode 10: The changing nature of luxury travel

In this episode, Karine is joined by Amanda Elder, Chief Commercial Officer of Kempinski Hotels and Paul Gardiner, CEO of Mantis Collection to discuss how luxury hospitality brands are adapting given the challenges posed by the pandemic, changing consumer demands and a greater focus on sustainability.


Episode 9: Making geek chic – the fusion of luxury and pop culture

Felicitas speaks to Professor Rob Kozinets about why luxury brands associate themselves with popular culture icons from comic book characters to cult Netflix series. The two discuss why consumers look to these artistic, yet unlikely couplings, as a way to find meaning and purpose for their own values and identity.

Episode 8: Emerging trends and intergenerational views towards luxury in India

In this episode, Dr. Michael Grampp heads southeast to India. He speaks to consumers from Baby Boomers to Generation Z to get their views on the meaning of luxury, the importance of a brand’s provenance and how sustainability influences consumer behaviour across generations. Felicitas joins Michael to provide her observation on the emerging trends and intergenerational insight.

Episode 7: The Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry Study 2021

In this episode, Michael Grampp interviews Karine Szegedi and Jules Boudrand, authors of the Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry Study, about some of this year’s key findings. From optimistic industry prospects and the pre-owned market professionalising to the influence of Chinese consumers and Millennials’ & Gen Z’s views about watches, the trio discusses how many players in the industry are adapting their business strategies to new realities.

Episode 6: Consumer trends in China and the definition of luxury

Felicitas speaks to Dr. Yajin Wang, Associate Professor of Marketing at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), about the differences between Eastern and Western consumer trends. They discuss why the traditional customer journey is obsolete, how brands can adapt to changing market dynamics in mainland China and why exclusivity is no longer the essence of luxury for Chinese consumers.

Episode 5: Pursuing a digital path – Richemont’s experience in China

In this episode Karine talks to Frank Vivier, Chief Transformation Officer at Richemont, about what luxury brands, and brands in general, can learn from the organisational agility of tech companies, including the use data and technologies. The two also discuss why the purchase of luxury goods is bound by emotion. Frank finally gives examples as to why the digital nation of China is an incubator for future of shopping trends.

Episode 4: Sustainability and innovation at Breitling

Although luxury goods are built to last, the notions of consumption and sustainability can seem incompatible in the long run. In this episode, Georges Kern, CEO of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling discusses his company’s sustainability journey, the role innovation plays and his own thoughts on a sustainable future.

Episode 3: Building and growing luxury brands: the example of Porsche

Build it and they will come is no longer a given for luxury brands given changing consumer behaviours and shifts towards more sustainable consumption. In this episode, Sebastian Ackermann, Brand Management and Marketing Strategy at Porsche, talks to Felicitas about the need for contemporary brand management and how Porsche is expanding their customer base through product innovation, a drive towards electrification and flexible ownership models.

Episode 2: Liquid luxury

Felicitas takes us to London in this episode to interview Giana Eckhardt from King’s Business School and Fleura Bardhi from Cass Business School. Founders of the notion of “Liquid luxury” Giana and Fleura discuss what this more transient form of consumption means, the societal, cultural and market drivers of this concept, and the impact it has on traditional luxury products, brand loyalty and the democratisation of luxury.

Episode 1: The evolving nature of luxury

This inaugural episode, hosted by Cristina D'Agostino, editor-in-chief of “Luxury Tribune” welcomes Karine Szegedi and Felicitas Morhart, the visionaries behind and future hosts of Luxury On Air. The trio discuss the inspiration behind the podcast, give a preview of the themes being covered in upcoming episodes and talk about the evolving nature of luxury.

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