Luxury On Air

Understanding what’s on the horizon in the luxury industry

Luxury On Air explores the trends, innovations and personalities defining and redefining the luxury industry. Delving into the real-world, theoretical and strategic implications of running and growing luxury brands in our ever-changing world, this podcast brings together global thought leaders, academics, business leaders, brands and retailers.

Hosted by Karine Szegedi and Felicitas Morhart, Luxury On Air is brought to you by Deloitte Switzerland and the Swiss Center for Luxury Research at HEC Lausanne (UNIL). Karine and Felicitas bring their knowledge of the luxury industry from two very different vantage points - the worlds of consulting and academia – to discuss, analyse and hypothesise such transformational topics including:

  • The evolution of luxury consumption and its implications for the future
  • Successful growth strategies amid changing consumer, societal and economic trends
  • The notion of materialism in an increasingly dematerialised world
  • Reconciling the in-person shopping experience with the convenience of e-commerce
  • The innovations helping brands become more sustainable, accountable and responsible
  • Balancing authentic, aspirational and accessible messaging
  • The outlook of the industry and the situation in emerging economies, including China

With renowned guests from global fashion houses, watch brands, automobile manufacturers, high-end retailers and consumer behaviour experts, Luxury On Air is a must listen for those want to understand what’s on the horizon in the luxury industry.

Luxury On Air is available on all major podcast platforms, you can listen to each of our episodes below and subscribe via your preferred podcast platform.

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Episode 2: Liquid luxury

Felicitas takes us to London in this episode to interview Giana Eckhardt from King’s Business School and Fleura Bardhi from Cass Business School. Founders of the notion of “Liquid luxury” Giana and Fleura discuss what this more transient form of consumption means, the societal, cultural and market drivers of this concept, and the impact it has on traditional luxury products, brand loyalty and the democratisation of luxury.

Episode 1: The evolving nature of luxury

This inaugural episode, hosted by Cristina D'Agostino, editor-in-chief of “Luxury Tribune” welcomes Karine Szegedi and Felicitas Morhart, the visionaries behind and future hosts of Luxury On Air. The trio discuss the inspiration behind the podcast, give a preview of the themes being covered in upcoming episodes and talk about the evolving nature of luxury.

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