Key Trends in the Consumer & Industrial Products Sector

Around the world the Consumer & Industrial Products (incl. services) sector (C&IP) is experiencing change and transformation as the digital and physical worlds converge. Globalisation, new technologies as well as regulations impact existing business models of companies within the C&IP industry.

In this fast changing eco system, the outlook for the C&IP industry – and especially in Switzerland – is positive. Studies show that the C&IP sector is driving global economies and that its strength creates a clear path towards economic prosperity.

Deloitte has a dedicated team of resources serving the C&IP sector and invests in studies and research together with partners such as Swissmem and BAK Basel. Amongst other topics, we have identified three themes which seem to be recurring across our client base and that seem to be relevant to the consumer & industrial products industry in the current environment:

Trends in the Industrial Products & Services (IP&S) sector

Digital/Internet of Things (IoT)



Thought Leadership

  • Growth opportunities
    The strong increase in the value of the Swiss Franc and companies’ strategies for adapting to it are the major issues confronting Swiss manufacturing this year. The slowdown in economic growth in the major emerging economies is a further challenge for the sector.
  • Industry 4.0
    The Deloitte study discusses the key challenges and opportunities for Swiss industrial enterprises to master the digital transformation of the Swiss manufacturing industry.
  • Serial acquirers
    Swiss companies are mature acquirers but not mature integrators


Konstantin von Radowitz

Konstantin von Radowitz

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