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Professional technical solutions for regulatory compliance.
Deloitte Managed Services

Easy-to-use, plug & play solutions

Deloitte Managed Services is a leading European RegTech Provider of end-to-end managed services for KYC and AML. We combine our extensive expertise with advanced technology, high-quality data and unique mapping intelligence into easy-to-use solutions, no matter which industry or jurisdiction you operate in.

Advanced technology

We use leading technology to provide you with state-of-the-art solutions for your regulatory tasks and obligations.

Proven mapping algorithms

We deploy sophisticated proprietary algorithms to analyse huge volumes of unstructured data to identify regulatory patterns that might harm your business if undetected.

High-quality suppliers

We license up-to-date applications and information services from top quality providers in their respective fields, to increase your regulatory intelligence while scaling up your operations.

Deloitte expertise

Our global organisation gives us access to local legal and regulatory expertise and technology experts in more than 150 countries. We combine their capabilities with ours to deliver first-class solutions.

Deloitte due diligence standard

We convert complex problems into easy-to-use RegTech solutions, to execute tasks in the most compliant and efficient way. Access our solutions through the Deloitte KYC Utility or get your exclusive on-site installation.

Your Deloitte Managed Services team

We are a unique team of professionals combining Compliance, Audit, Technology and Industry expertise, using digital solutions to meet your KYC and AML obligations and resolve respective challenges.

Micha Bitterli, Head KYC

Micha has over 20 years of experience in regulation and audit and has worked with national and international regulatory bodies. «As a Big 4 firm we combine leading edge technology and information to efficiently deliver solutions, which enable our clients to stay ahead of their industry.»

Hugh Macquarrie, Head Deloitte Managed Services

Hugh leads Deloitte’s Managed Services offerings in Switzerland and the End-to-End KYC offering across our North South Europe member firms. Hugh is committed to finding creative solutions by bringing together Deloitte’s regulatory, technical and operational expertise and is convinced that with our managed services we can support the banking industry in combatting financial crime, whilst also reducing risk and increasing efficiency for our clients.

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