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As a leader you continually face pressures – shifting circumstances, difficult decisions and every now and then, the totally unexpected. Your business, teams and stakeholders increasingly turn to you – but who can you turn to? You can rely on experience, instinct, confidence and conviction to guide you, but what do you really need to know right now? How are other business leaders dealing with similar issues? How will you make a difference?

The Deloitte Executive & Boardroom Programmes have been developed to help business leaders continue to learn, grow and have impact. Whether you’re an aspiring executive or a seasoned board member, you can access tailored support at crucial points throughout your career. So whether it’s formal training, informal advice from experienced peers or networking, we are here when you need us.

What to expect

Each of our programmes offers a mix of insights and activities which are tailored to current or future executive and board roles.

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CFO Programme​

The Swiss CFO Programme helps CFOs stay ahead in an increasingly complex business environment. Offering forward-thinking insights for every stage of the CFO career, it is a valuable asset to tackle the daily complexities of the CFO role.

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Boardroom Programme​

The Swiss Boardroom Programme provides a platform for current and future non-executive directors to stay informed, develop and connect to a network of peers in Switzerland.

Each component of the programme is tailored to the respective audience, offering dialogue, knowledge-sharing and forward-thinking insights on governance issues.

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CIO Programme

The Swiss CIO Programme supports leading IT executives to always be one step ahead. With market-leading insights into technical trends, CIO surveys, professional development programs and transition labs, as well as peer-to-peer networking with executives, we ensure that CIOs are well informed and properly positioned to act.

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Reto Savoia

Boardroom Programme Co-Chair

rsavoia@deloitte.ch +41 58 279 6357 View profile

Alessandro Miolo

Managing Partner, Audit & Assurance
CFO Programme Chair

amiolo@deloitte.ch +41 58 279 7227 View profile

Nick Davies

Lead Partner Technology
CIO Programme Chair

nidavies@deloitte.ch +41 58 279 6810 View profile

Britta Classen

Partner Clients & Industries

bclassen@deloitte.ch +41 58 279 7226 View profile

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