Turnaround Planning & Management

By working with management we ensure that the turnaround plan is a roadmap for achieving sustained improvement in operating and financial performance; we bring both the restructuring skills and the mindset to create a joint problem-solving approach.

We also draw on the extensive skills of our business modelling, M&A and tax teams, as well as having access to an international network of turnaround experts. This combination of skills and expertise has enabled us to deliver multiple successful engagements.

A turnaround plan becomes essential when:

  • An underperforming business or subsidiary of an otherwise healthy group needs to transform its performance
  • Management require situational support during a turnaround planning process
  • Stakeholders need their confidence boosted before they will support a covenant waiver, debt standstill or an extension to existing facilities
  • A significant cash shortfall needs addressing through performance improvement, capital raising or disposal.