This time is different


Six trends that will determine the future of global non-life reinsurance

This time is different

The future of the global non-life reinsurance industry will be shaped by new technologies, alternative capital, capital markets structuring techniques, and the bundling value-added services with reinsurance. We look at the impact these changes will have on the industry and how firms can prepare for the future.

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Forces such as emerging applications of technology, expanding data, reinsurance focused start-ups, and capital markets are driving change in the reinsurance sector more strongly than in the past. For the first time, reinsurers are faced with an urgent need to reverse declining profitability and adapt to a powerful convergence of these forces of change.

This report identifies trends that will most likely shape the future of global non-life reinsurance over the next five to ten years. The report analyses the impacts of these trends and the barriers that will impede them.

The six trends are:

Pivoting to risk transfer plus service model

Hollowing out of the middle-market

Ongoing influx of alternative capital

Blurring of the value chain’s boundaries

Rise of automated placement

Rise of exchange-based secondary markets

The report also examines the opportunities and threats for reinsurers across four future scenarios, focusing on where disruption will most likely happen.

Read the full report to learn how we can assist you in adapting to these disruptions faster.


Six trends that will determine the future of global non-life reinsurance
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