Financial Services, Naught's and crosses game


Winning in Wealth Management

Strategies for building profitable business operating models

The financial crisis has provoked a major turning point for the financial services industry, changing the very basis of competition from growth to profitability.

At the same time, the industry has had to withstand significant regulatory change and political pressure. Wealth managers now must deal with a short- to mid-term profitability trap, which seriously challenges the entire industry.

Our research will show that clear winners and losers will emerge.

Individual wealth management providers must focus their efforts on key profitability levers and transform their business operating models to avoid being caught in this profitability trap, and to succeed in the changing competitive landscape. This structural shift requires a fundamental reappraisal of the strategic drivers of success in wealth management.

This report investigates the root causes of the unprecedented decrease in Swiss-based wealth mangers’ profitability and explores differences in profitability and key characteristics among individual wealth management providers. Our research concludes with the perspectives on how to build and operate a profitable wealth management institution.

Strategies for building operating models
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