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Business Architecture Redesign

Boosting business performance

Some organisations persist for so long they may seem eternal. By contrast, the business architecture – the sum of the strategic choices by which a bank carries out its business model – is subject to more frequent change. Business architecture redesign initiatives fall into two broad categories.

Performance-driven restructuring happens when the organisation realigns for its own reasons, on its own timetable. Event-driven restructuring represents a necessary reaction to an external change, often with a compressed timetable.

The current environment for financial service organisations is the most challenging and difficult in living memory

We work as part of multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients solve the most complex and difficult challenges they face by bringing outstanding expertise and insight.

Our expertise and insight into the banking industry help our clients solve the most complex and difficult challenges.

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The Deloitte Business Architecture Framework combines the key dimensions Business, Operating Model, Legal and Tax, and Capital

Business Model Redesign
A transformation effort altering the business model/fundamental strategy or value proposition of a company

Operating Model Redesign
A transformation to rejuvenate the underlying organisational functional delivery models, operating governance, org structure, and/or the business process landscape

Capital Model Redesign
A transformation effort to reorganise the financial underpinnings (capital structure and liquidity) of the business

Legal and Tax Model Redesing
A transformation effort to assess the impact of regulatory changes and formulating a strategy to adapt the legal and tax set-up of the business

Four key dimensions