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Deloitte Managed Services

Automating processes, managing services

Compliance with regulations is mandatory for financial market players. It is also non differentiating and increasingly costly. We believe that the solution to this problem lies in mutualising the costs of regulatory compliance across industry players. Deloitte has built a platform to enable the leverage of core compliance processes.

Regulatory Technologies – enabling the future

The level and complexity of regulation continues to increase. Whilst many regulators take similar approaches, there are often subtle differences which require country specific processes to be implemented. This is one driver behind the trend of financial institutions reducing their footprint, not just in terms of countries covered but also the markets they serve in those countries and the products and services they deliver.

Simply put, the cost of building and maintaining market-specific regulatory processes can create a significant challenge. Whilst the trend to focus activities continues, technology evolution creates new digital channels and opportunities to expand international reach, gain economies of scale and growth opportunities.

We are convinced that the answer is not avoiding the complexity of regulations but lies in smart solutions and mutualising the costs of regulatory compliance across industry players.

The Managed Services Core Pillars

The Deloitte Managed Services concept: In a nutshell

The Managed Services cube approach

Disrupting the way compliance activities are provided means to disrupt the way these solutions are generated. Deloitte Managed Services uses a framework that allows us to identify all relevant impacts of regulations on an organisation as well as to evaluate potential leverage of solutions between regulations.

Deloitte Managed Services - A platform and solution overview

The Managed Services cube approach

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Managed Client Onboarding & Monitoring

There is industry wide focus on the adequacy and completeness of the client information. As a consequence, financial institutions are asked to take a more proactive role in the collection and active management of “KYC” related information. It has become clear that there can be serious consequences for failure to comply.

The Relationship Manager (RM) holds the central role in ensuring quality data is collected from the client and maintained during all client interactions.

Deloitte Managed Services has therefore created the Compliance as a Service (CaaS) offering to support the RM in this duty during the entire lifecycle of a client relationship, provide confidence that all relevant data is collected and ensure that all necessary steps are performed.

It provides confidence to the Compliance Officer and the Board that the bank’s policies are followed.

Compliance as a Service - Managed Client Onboarding & Monitoring

Our collaborations


This collaboration combines the best of digitisation and regulatory expertise to offer innovative and reliable RegTech solutions to the Swiss financial services industry. The cooperation between Appway and Deloitte consists of four innovative and reliable managed services offerings.

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Deloitte and Finform are working together to automate the process for opening customer accounts at banks. Deloitte Managed Services (DMS) integrates the regulatory know-how of the global Deloitte network and expands the existing Finform solution, using applications from a number of software partners. 

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What we are proud of

  1. Adding value to the Swiss Financial Market
    We design and deliver solutions to our clients in the Swiss financial marketplace to make them more competitive through improved management of risk and cost.
  2. Reducing the cost of compliance by leveraging best-in-class technology
    By partnering with Swiss technology providers, we build solutions that facilitate compliance with regulations. We strive for scaling effects to reduce the cost.
  3. Putting the Deloitte Network at your fingertips
    We leverage Deloitte’s global network to bring the most knowledgable subject matter experts together for the benefits of our clients. Dealing with international clients means dealing with international regulations, which requires international expertise.
  4. Ensuring operational excellence
    With our Centre of Excellence (CoE) located in Switzerland, we provide access to highly specialised employees that take care of your daily operations and deal with language and market specific issues.
  5. Adding value for the Deloitte Managed Services community
    Our operational model is designed to enable flexible working models. By being an independent source we aim to increase stakeholder confidence across the industries.

Your benefits

  • End-to-end solution out of one hand
  • Access to best in class tools without the up-front investment
  • Profit from CoE compliance support through hotline, etc.
  • Receive support in how to interpret newly required regulations
  • Forward looking
  • Improve data quality
  • Reduce cost
  • Gain efficiency
  • Standardisation, simplification
  • Focus on core competencies

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