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Complying with regulations is mandatory, but also very costly for financial market players. An objective should be to perform compliance procedures exhaustively and effectively, but at an acceptable cost. At Deloitte, we offer a range of services to optimise compliance processes using Regtech.

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Deloitte Managed Services uses scalable and innovative technologies to provide efficient day-to-day responses to regulatory demands, saving our customers time, resources and cost.

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Micha Bitterli

Micha Bitterli


Micha has over 16 years of experience, including two in New York, in auditing large financial institutions and trading financial instruments and commodities. In addition to working as an auditor, Mich... More

Toni Pisa

Toni Pisa


Toni has more than 10 years of experience in the auditing and consulting of local and international banks. This experience, in combination with his degree studies in IT, as well as his qualification a... More

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