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Growth and Revenue

Finding New Pockets of Revenue Growth

Profitable growth is in times of saturated markets and eroding profit margins are goals that many organizations have but few have the knowledge or tools to achieve. Finding new pockets of revenue growth and seizing the potential of existing markets needs a diligent methodology and experience implementation of functional structures that are equipped to take advantage of the fast evolving environment of today.

Deloitte has been working with leading asset managers and other financial service providers, supporting them on their way to top-line growth from start to finish. Market seizing and the identification of areas of growth is seen as only the first step in the journey to sustainable top-line growth. Developing the organizational capabilities and structures to target these areas needs a partner with comprehensive experience in the markets and industries.

Business Review of the marketing department

Improving FTE utilization and identifying critical marketing activities

In the course of a review of several business lines for a large asset manager, Deloitte reviewed the marketing activities performed for the business lines by the Central Marketing group and within the businesses.

Key processes were described and a marketing value chain was developed. On the basis on the value chain a detailed FTE utilization analysis was performed using a comprehensive labor study. Hotspots of low productivity could be identified and together with the client performance improvement recommendations were developed.

The project raised transparency and insight into the centralized and business embedded marketing team structures with regards to FTE utilization and time spent on different types of marketing activities (differentiation between marketing, sales support, business development and investor services activities). It allowed for more effective marketing activities having a significant impact on revenue and growth of the company.

Case study # 1

Distribution Strategy

Market analysis and development of governance structures to serve the markets

Following the large program review of an asset manager, Deloitte was asked to support the development of a distribution strategy for the EMEA region. The team was responsible for the analysis of the EMEA markets as well as the development of the new organizational target state.

Country profiles were developed detailing market size, available market size, growth potential, a product overview and a SWOT analysis. Based on the previous program review and fitted to the country profiles, a new organizational structure for the EMEA distribution and marketing functions was developed.

The client is implementing the recommendations for the re-organization which had a large impact of the footprint in the EMEA region. The new organizational structure increased the effectiveness and contributes greatly to the asset managers’ ability to exploit its potential in the EMEA markets.

Case study # 2