Financial Crime and Forensic Analytics

We utilise robust and proven analytical methodologies, leveraging data to constantly improve surveillance systems and processes.

Adhering to strict regulations

  • Our clients face the challenge of adhering to ever more stringent AML, ABC, sanctions and similar regulations, necessitating ongoing enhancements in their financial crime detection and prevention systems.

Navigating data analytics challenges

  • The necessity of scrutinizing large volumes of data for signs of financial crime is growing, demanding competent data analytics and data science skills amidst an increasing drive towards automation.

Balancing innovation and trust

  • Clients face the dual challenge of constructing or implementing sophisticated surveillance systems and assuring transparency and interpretability in the deployed algorithms, a critical aspect of building trust towards the regulator.

Collaborating while protecting data

  • The need for improved collaboration between financial institutions as well as regulators to detect financial crime must be balanced with the need to protect client data by using privacy-enhancing technologies.

Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness

  • Clients face the challenge of minimizing false positives, prioritizing high-risk cases, and augmenting overall system efficiency, while increasing their capability to uncover a larger proportion of the financial crime by decreasing false negatives and thus minimising their risk.

Advanced analytics for investigations and financial crime prevention

  • We leverage advanced analytics and technical expertise to provide ‘fit-for-purpose' solutions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations and financial crime prevention systems.

Harnessing industry-leading technology

  • Our tailored application of industry-leading technology ensures that our services are state-of-the-art, relevant, and in alignment with the scope of your challenges.

Leveraging expertise for strategic objectives

  • Our domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of the financial crime technology landscape facilitate the effective application of technology, supporting strategic objectives and providing a tech-enabled path to your goals.

Integration and vendor partnerships

  • Our analytics services integrate seamlessly into your existing operations while our strategic vendor partnerships enhance our service offerings, ensuring access to the best resources.

Proactive anomaly detection

  • We proactively identify inefficiencies and anomalies in systems, targeting cost recovery and detecting potential issues before they occur.

Peace of mind

  • Our services provide peace of mind, knowing your operations are up to the challenges of the regulatory requirements to detect and prevent financial crime with industry-leading methods and technologies.

Surveillance technology assessment and enhancement

  • Comprehensive technology assessments, including the testing of surveillance systems, name screening solutions, processes and the data quality.
  • Analytics-driven optimisation of surveillance technology parameters and enhancement of transaction monitoring scenario designs.
  • Behavioural customer and counterparty segmentation for financial crime risk assessment and data-driven scoring of customer risks.
  • Alert management services to improve alert handling with automation, including prioritization, auto-hibernation and auto-closure.
    Holistic client view (internal and external) and customer network analytics.
  • Cross-banking surveillance innovation (AML Utility).

Regulatory alignment & response services

  • Information management support for regulatory reporting
  • Automation and management of suspicious activity report ("SAR") filing
  • Bespoke data analytics services for financial crime investigations
  • Data-driven customer due diligence remediation

Technology adoption advisory services

  • Evaluation of RPA and machine learning capabilities and opportunities
  • Advisory services for financial crime technology implementation for self sufficiency
  • Financial crime detection / surveillance technology and vendor selection advisory
  • FinTech / RegTech benchmarking

Our approach to financial crime analytics

Deloitte’s Financial Crime and Forensic Analytics team provides a complete end-to-end solution for the analysis of large amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies that may lead to the discovery of evidence of malfeasance.

How we've helped our clients

A client had accused an employee of severe malpractice, violating for personal benefit the organisation’s ban on front running, parallel running and after running transactions in securities. The client asked Deloitte to prepare an estimate of the personal profits that the individual had made from such transactions during his time with the firm.

A Deloitte team was established to carry out extensive investigations into the individual’s personal and work-related securities transactions, in order to match transactions where improper personal dealing appeared to have occurred. By matching corresponding work-related and personal dealings, the team was able to calculate the personal profits that the individual had made. Its final report to the client was enhanced by a visual presentation of transactions across time.
The report and estimate of illicit profits provided the client with in independent expert opinion for presenting to the public prosecutor, in support of the client’s case.

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Sven Probst

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Uday Mehta


Uday Mehta is a Partner leading the Financial Crime and Forensic Analytics team within the Forensic group in Zurich, Switzerland. With over 15 years of experience, Uday leverages analytical and data-d... More