Financial Crime Analytics

We deploy defensible and proven analytical techniques and approaches to leverage data to continually improve surveillance systems and processes.

Regulatory focus for continual improvements

  • Need for system improvements in financial crime detection and mitigation to keep up with new regulations and enforcement actions.

Trusting data and sharing knowledge

  • Building public-private partnerships to improve cross-border and industry-wide information sharing.


  • Building sophisticated surveillance systems while ensuring trust in algorithms and machine learning frameworks.

Big data

  • Clients are required to use larger volumes of data while maintaining the quality of owned data and trusting data.
    Automation and need to reduce dependence on manual processes.

Efficiency and effectiveness

  • Continual efforts to reduce false positives and focus on the high risk cases.

  • Advanced analytics capability and extensive technical experience to apply ‘fit for purpose’ solutions, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of project teams performing investigations.
  • Industry-leading technology according to the scope of the issue.
  • Domain expertise on effective application of technology in support of strategic objectives.
  • Defensibility, allowing ‘business-as-usual integration of analytics.
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in the financial crime technology landscape.
  • Strategic partnerships with key vendors to enhance service offerings.
  • Proactively detection of inefficiencies and anomalies in systems - targeting cost recovery and identifying potential issues before they occur.

Surveillance technology assessment

  • Data quality and data integrity assessment
  • Testing of rule-based surveillance systems
  • Testing and validation of machine learning models for transaction monitoring
  • Functional testing of PEP/sanctions name screening solutions
  • Testing of trade surveillance systems
  • Data-driven assessment of surveillance processes
  • Analytics for financial crime controls testing

Surveillance technology enhancement

  • Analytics-driven parameters / features optimisation and scenario enhancement
  • Design of transaction monitoring scenarios and simulation of alert volume
  • Behavioural customer / counterparty segmentation for financial crime risk assessment
  • Data-driven scoring model for customer financial crime rating
  • Behavioural plausibility analysis for individual customer alert mitigation
  • Alerts prioritisation and automated alert handling, including auto- hibernation and auto-closure
  • Name screening systems optimisation and assisted review of name matches
  • Holistic client view (internal/ external) and customer network analytics
  • Cross-banking surveillance innovation (AML utility)

Regulatory alignment & response services

  • Information management support for regulatory reporting
  • Automation and management of suspicious activity report ("SAR") filing
  • Bespoke data analytics services for financial crime investigations
  • Data-driven customer due diligence remediation

Technology adoption advisory services

  • Evaluation of RPA and machine learning capabilities and opportunities
  • Advisory services for financial crime technology implementation for self sufficiency
  • Financial crime detection / surveillance technology and vendor selection advisory
  • FinTech / RegTech benchmarking

Our approach to Financial Crime Analytics

Deloitte’s Financial Crime Analytics team provides a complete end to end solution for the analysis of large amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies that may lead to the discovery of evidence of malfeasance.

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Uday Mehta


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