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Five questions on social business

Risk Angles

Social business isn't limited to just marketing or PR. Today, it's a top driver of decisions that influence business outcomes in an organisation, exposing it to drastically different, potentially disruptive ways to engage with, learn from, and collaborate with customers, suppliers, employees, and even the public.

In this issue of Risk Angles, Steve Lunceford, Specialist Leader with Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, answers five questions about social business risk, and Joost Toussaint, Director of Risk Services, Deloitte Netherlands, takes a closer look at compliance-related risk.

This Risk Angle answers the following questions

  1. What is social business?
  2. What risks are involved in social business?
  3. Who in the organisation should be overseeing these risks?
  4. How can organisations get started building effective social business risk management?
  5. What tools and technologies are available to help manage social business risks?

It also takes a closer look at compliance-related risks.

Risk Angles: Five questions on social business
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