The Risk Intelligent chief compliance officer


The Risk Intelligent chief compliance officer

Champion of Risk Intelligent compliance

In today’s demanding regulatory environment, effective compliance risk management is a smart – indeed, and essential – business investment. At the same time, no company wants to spend more time, effort, or money on compliance than it “needs” to. How can leaders determine the company’s compliance risk management “needs” with enough confidence to understand where and how to allocate its compliance investments?

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With Risk Intelligent compliance, leaders accept compliance risk as a fact of life – and charge the CCO with keeping that risk below the “comfort level” set by company leaders and owners. While compliance failures are never acceptable, leaders may be willing to accept substantial inherent compliance risk if the prospective gains seem worth it and if they believe the company capable of keeping residual compliance risk within tolerance.

This whitepaper offers a blueprint for orienting an enterprise to ways of thinking and acting that can give leaders greater control over compliance risk exposures while holding compliance cost and effort to sustainable levels. The potential payoff: The transformation of compliance, long viewed as a chore, into a valued and valuable business asset.

The Risk Intelligent chief compliance officer: Champion of Risk Intelligent compliance
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