Future of Work: Ways of working to sustain and thrive in uncertain times. 

How to increase organisational resilience in the face of COVID-19?

Assessing the impact of COVID-19

The rise of the recent coronavirus identified the need that enterprises must increase corporate resilience and help ensure community well-being by embracing virtual collaboration tools and practices. Recently your company may have decided – or will soon decide – to perform all work virtually in response to the spread of the virus. What does this mean for your business? Is this a short-term anomaly or a long-term trend? How does your organisation continue to work and create value in this new environment?

Using the future of work to gain resilience

Companies that have previously embraced future of work practices are likely well-positioned  to sustain their operations and respond quickly to the demands of navigating COVID-19. In these companies, work, workforce, and workplace experiences are supported by an ecosystem of virtual resources, technology and behavioural norms that define work as a thing we do, not a  place we go. As a result, these organisations can mount a holistic response under tight timelines as dictated by this unfolding epidemic.

Deloitte's experience

We are on the front lines adapting to this new environment just like our clients. We are rethinking where and how organisations respond to the epidemic. We feel it deeply and have visibility on what is happening in companies across most sectors and geographies. With this perspective, we wanted to share some practical ideas on what you as an organisation, as a  team, and as an individual can do in the short and long-term to adapt and progress in this dynamic environment.

How to increase organisational resilience in the face of COVID-19

Combating COVID-19 with resilience

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