Advanced digital health care providers segmentation

Elevating customer understanding leveraging AI

For the past few years, the traditional one-size-fits-all go-to-market strategy, predominantly based on physical channels, has failed to support drug launches and meet business objectives. Inadequate or incomplete understanding of customer needs has been identified as one of the top-3 root causes. To optimise patient outcome, biopharma companies need to target and engage effectively with key stakeholders, differentiating the approach based on distinct behaviours and preferences. Our advanced segmentation approach enables to define data-driven health care providers (HCP) segments by leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms. In particular, we display a detailed use case that describes how we have helped biopharma companies leverage data and AI to build differentiated and actionable HCP segments. Our recommendations detail next best actions to optimize customer engagement and assess the implications on company’s overall level of push marketing actions. Essentially, it will enable to reach the right customers, through the right channel with the right frequency.

Advanced digital HCP segmentation

Key contacts

Thomas Bernhardt

Thomas is a Director at Monitor Deloitte, based in Switzerland. He predominantly serves clients in the Life Sciences Sector (Pharmaceutical Industry and Med. Tech.) on a range of topics covering Multi Channel Marketing, Product Launch & Commercial Strategies and Life Cycle Management across Europe and the United States. He belongs to Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Health Care North and South Europe leadership team and has special expertise in digital marketing & sales initiatives and in transitions from market access to product launch/commercial strategies. Moreover, he is working on large scale digital performance transformations.

Federico Careddu

Federico is a Strategy Consulting Manager at Monitor Deloitte, based in Zurich, Switzerland. He mainly works on strategic projects related to commercial, marketing and digital topics for multinational clients, with particular focus on the Life Sciences industry. Federico has delivered more than 20 consulting projects across the globe (primarily EU-5, U.S. and Asia-Pacific) over the last 5 years and his key areas of expertise cover Customer Strategy, Go-to-market Strategy, Commercial Excellence & Analytics (including Omnichannel), Digital Health. He has also been advising global clients on large scale transformational programs.

Jérôme Plumez

Jérôme is a Senior Strategy Consultant in the Customer Strategy team based in Zurich. He brings over 3 years of experience in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector. Primarily focusing on the intersection of commercial strategy and digital transformation, his experience ranges from developing launch-, go-to-market- and digital strategies to designing and mobilising target operating models for large-scale commercial transformation programmes.

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