Episode #8: James Gregson on trends transforming life sciences and healthcare    

Life Sciences Connect

James Gregson, our newly appointed UK Life Sciences and Healthcare leader, joins our episode host Samrina Bhatti, to share his thoughts on what’s next for the industry. James talks about his leadership style and what makes a good leader as well as his views on digital transformation,collaboration and developing talent in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry.

Our host for this episode is Samrina Bhatti, Research Manager for our Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions team. Samrina is joined by James Gregson, Deloitte’s new UK Life Sciences and Healthcare Leader to discuss the trends transforming the industry.

This episode explores:

  • What James hopes to accomplish in his new role
  • Tips for managing work and family life
  • His views on the future of the industry and legacy of the pandemic
  • Advice for companies on how best to prepare for the future

Life Sciences Connect

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