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Background Winning Life Science brochure “Are you agile enough?”, is the second iteration of a series, which highlights Deloitte’s key propositions to the Life Science and Healthcare industries many and varied challenges. 


Key pricing and profitability trends for Life Sciences Companies

Discover the results of the survey conducted by Deloitte on pricing and profitability amongst senior executives from leading global life sciences companies. 


PLM Governance & Organisational Alignment

Prior to, during and after a PLM program

A PLM project will face heavy headwinds in the first 3-12 months from many established parts of the organisation. The project organisation must be able to survive these headwinds.

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PLM Governance and Organizational Alignment


The main problem of product lifecycle management initiatives is the complexity of connected business problems on the one side, and its technically detailed solutions which are most likely not understood on the other side. Business problems are for instance missing single functional ownership of the end-to-end PLM process, insufficient controlled artwork data, and simple lack of internal process knowledge, standardisation and control. IT wise, it seems to be a mess by function - current IT landscapes are disparate, complex, highly fragmented and not globally accessible.

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Product Packaging for life sciences

Discover innovative packaging initiatives to add value and contribute to revenue growth, branding and cost reduction. 


Serialisation isn’t optional

Protect your patients, Product Revenue and Brand Reputation along your Supply Chain through serialisation.  


Product Life Cycle Management in Life Sciences Industry

Focusing on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to cope with the future industry environment

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