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Challenges and actions

Manufacturing companies are challenged continuously in today’s volatile business environment. Responding to competition from emerging markets, developing new and innovative products and launching them globally, exposes manufacturing companies to a multitude of vital considerations that need to be explored and that are critical for the on-going success of the business.

Cost reduction and productivity improvement

Although Swiss manufacturers responded superbly to the global financial crisis and recession of 2008/09 and have initiated comprehensive programmes to cushion the strong Swiss franc, there still remains a need to improve productivity in light of ongoing economic volatility and uncertainty. Read more about Cost reduction and productivity improvement

Untapped growth markets

Despite the strong export focus and significant global presence of Swiss manufacturers, there is still considerable potential to tap into undeveloped growth markets that should play a more prominent role in the global economic structure of the next decades. Read more about Untapped growth markets

Un-utilised innovation potential

Despite an innovation leadership and high manufacturing quality of Swiss manufacturers, there is still un-utilised innovation potential that could further enhance their attractiveness and competitiveness. 

Better resource utilisation

Improving resource utilisation is becoming increasingly important for Swiss manufacturers. Read more about Better resource utilisation

IT/ERP and Analytics

In the technology area, many manufacturing companies are neglecting to upgrade their infrastructure to enable differentiating performance and to remain competitive. Read more about IT/ERP and Analytics. 

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