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Better resource utilisation

Improving resource utilisation is becoming increasingly important for Swiss manufacturers.

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Given the existing talent shortage faced by Switzerland and the strong need for local talent when entering new growth markets, the importance of local and global talent sourcing for Swiss manufacturers will only continue to increase. Swiss manufacturers not only need to resolve the issue of talent shortage at home, but need to develop new strategies to prevail in the global war for talent. The main challenge will be to attract talented and promising candidates with long-term potential. 


The issues of sustainability and climate protection will continue to be important drivers for the manufacturing industry in the future. Manufacturing companies will be able to utilise these issues to differentiate themselves strategically and operationally from the competition and gain a competitive advantage. Sustainable corporate management is primarily characterised by environmentally friendly products, sustainable manufacturing and product development, recycling systems, the use of renewable energy and social responsibility. 


In view of the global trend towards increasing scarcity and intensified competition for energy and commodities, manufacturing companies need to develop new strategies to help them remain competitive. It is becoming ever more important to secure access to inherently scarce resources (e.g. rare earth elements). 


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