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Manufacturing services

The Deloitte Manufacturing team has an industry-specific depth, a reach both local and global, and an understanding of the balance between concept and execution.

Industrial Products & Services

The Industrial Products & Services sector in Switzerland includes mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and electronics companies as well as precision instrument manufacturers.

Amid intensifying global competition and the need to develop new markets as well as optimise growth in established markets, innovation and new products/services are vital for companies in this sector.

To increase their future competitiveness, the establishment of a comprehensive culture of innovation spanning all business areas becomes indispensable for Swiss manufacturers. The building of an innovation management model that includes both strategic and organisational aspects is a clear competitive advantage.

An additional opportunity is the bundling of higher-margin services businesses with industrial products and/or the introduction of new, exclusive services in established and new growth markets alike. The servitization trend in the global manufacturing industry is ever-increasing and offers new growth potentials for Swiss manufacturers.

Process and Chemicals

The Process sector in Switzerland includes metals, chemicals and forest, paper & packaging companies.

In light of an increased economic volatility and uncertainty, many of these companies are faced with continued cost pressures and are forced to make ongoing operational adjustments.

Supply chain efficiency and optimisation (e.g. bundling of purchasing, bundling of suppliers, improvement of planning etc.) as well as the expansion of global procurement using low-cost country (LCC) sourcing harbour significant potential for further reducing costs and increasing the overall competitiveness of Swiss companies operating in this sector.


Swiss suppliers to the Automotive sector need to take note of prevailing growth outlooks and dominant industry trends that are reshaping the global automotive industry.

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have emerged as the economic power house of growth for the automotive industry through the last decade. What started as an exploration of new/extra markets for car sales in the early 90s has become the mainstream market of the new millennium. Swiss suppliers need to remain close to their customers (e.g. international and local automakers in emerging markets) and adapt a “local for local” manufacturing strategy.

Taking advantage of the increasing global trend for hybrids and electric vehicles is an additional opportunity for Swiss suppliers to develop a distinguishing characteristic and competitive advantage amid high competition in the global automotive industry.

Aerospace and Defence

Geographic growth forecasts are of key importance for Swiss suppliers to the global Aerospace & Defence sector.

Fuelled by dynamic economic growth in Asia, Russia, and the Middle East, there is a growing demand for countries in these regions to enter and expand the commercial aerospace market. In the next 20 years, 80 percent of new aircraft build are expected to be used for trans-Pacific or inter-Asia travel, along with significant travel increases in the Middle East.

This shift in travel creates significant opportunities for the global commercial aerospace market and will further fuel growth for Swiss suppliers to the sector. In light of this outlook, Swiss suppliers will especially need to define the right growth strategies for these new markets (innovation, M&A, joint ventures, local production, new sales strategies, etc.).