Bionic Demand Planning

Your journey to the future of demand planning

Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have underlined the importance of a responsive and resilient supply chain. New technology and intelligent capabilities are becoming crucial to predicting and adapting global supply chains and networks. In this complex landscape the next generation of demand planning – Bionic Demand Planning – is emerging.

Bionic drives upskilling beyond demand planning. This implies "raising the bar" in the entire supply chain, for example by increasing the need for sophistication in supply scenario planning and offering companies a new platform to think and brainstorm on how to elevate overall supply planning and execution

Antonella Leone Kammler, Global Supply Chain Director of Eastman Films Division

Eventually utilisation of new technologies can release untapped capabilities, such as, for example, challenging a plan intelligently, running scenarios from High/Medium/Low cases of demand throughout the network nodes, and empowering demand planners to collaborate seamlessly with other teams and overcome any lack of visibility across the organisation.


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Federico Sasso
Deloitte Switzerland




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