ASCO awards: Deloitte receives “Best Business Transformation” certificate for Syngenta project

Zurich, 28 June 2016

For its operational excellence programme with Syngenta, Deloitte has received the ASCO "Best Business Transformation" certificate in the Global Consulting category. The award is presented annually to the best and most sustainable business transformation in Switzerland by the Association of Management Consultants Switzerland (ASCO). The awards ceremony took place in Zurich on June 28.

Deloitte was chosen to support Syngenta in developing and implementing an operational excellence function that enables their employees to sustainably embed continuous improvement as the way of working. The joint Syngenta-Deloitte team have developed a comprehensive methodology, enhanced employee capabilities, and led projects that have materialised a 6:1 return on investment per annum from 2017.

The ASCO award in “Best Business Transformation” is intended to highlight a major, overarching transformation of a company, as well as to show successful relationships between clients and consultants and to raise awareness for excellent consulting. The award is presented annually to companies and their consultants who demonstrate a sustainable business transformation in accordance with the principles of the “return on consulting” and “contribution to business in Switzerland”. Relevant is also how the company was able to grasp the opportunities of the changing economic environment and to distinguish itself amongst the national or international competition.

ASCO awards
From left to right: Paco Hauser (ASCO Jury President), Andrew McIntyre (Syngenta), Christine Gora (Deloitte), Simon Wakefield (Deloitte), Arnd Niehausmeier (ASCO)
ASCO Awards

ASCO Award 2016
Best Business Transformation

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