How the Best Managed Companies programme works

A three step process to uncover achievements and improvement potentials

The Best Managed Companies programme aims to find the best managed, privately owned companies in Switzerland. The programme evaluates your company’s management capabilities and practices and recognises overall business performance and growth. This is how the programme works.

Phase I – The online application

This first phase verifies eligibility and should only take 30 minutes
with the information at hand. Applications for the Best Managed Companies
programme 2023 will open on 3 October 2022.

Phase II – The coaching process

Companies selected to move to Phase II are asked to complete a second, more detailed submission. You will be asked to describe how you develop strategy, demonstrate corporate strengths, excel in the marketplace, retain top talent and manage business risks. Questions align with the Best Managed programme’s four distinct pillars of evaluation: strategy, capabilities, commitment and financial.

During phase II, Deloitte will work with you on your approach to completing your submission, providing you with valuable coaching from some of Switzerland’s top business advisors. Even if your company is not among the ones, meeting the challenging benchmark, this is a great opportunity to gain insight and business expertise during the coaching process. Deadline for submission of Phase II is 28 April 2023.

Phase III – Celebration and networking

An independent jury will score the different companies based on the global Best Managed Companies framework criteria. They will be notified of their success in the course of May 2023. All companies recognized will be invited to celebrate their company’s success at the Best Managed Companies Gala event on 29 June 2023.

And even when the festivities are over, you will remain part of our global Best Managed Companies community of around 1,000 Best Managed Companies. You are encouraged to participate in national and global meetings on a diverse range of topics.

Throughout the process all submissions are confidential, and the programme is compliant with Deloitte’s privacy and confidentiality policies.

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