Nurturing bold ideas in government


The innovator's playbook

Nurturing bold ideas in government

Now more than ever, government needs to embrace innovative approaches to daunting problems. To have any hope of success, governments must embrace innovation as a core discipline, becoming adept at adopting new practices. Innovation must become part of the public sector DNA.

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Governments around the world can address many of society’s biggest challenges such as the current economic crisis by becoming better at innovating. “The public innovator’s playbook" report, published by Deloitte Research in the U.S. with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Institute for the Democratic Governance and Innovation, describes how governments have the opportunity to help improve the economic environment, create jobs, and more efficiently manage costs.

According to the book, governments currently innovate. Moreover, some creative approaches in the private sector come from the public sector. However, few governments take an integrated view of the process or treat it as a discipline—which includes methodic processes, reward systems, and a mission linked to the process and organizational structure.

Nurturing bold ideas in government
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