einwohner und fremdenkontrolle


Residence controls

SAP Customer Relationship Management for local authority data management

Residence control based on SAP CRM is a custom-built product to manage and organise Swiss towns and communes, providing an interface between citizens, companies and the council.

The initial personal contact with the local authority is made through controls of existing and incoming residents. The residence controls cover registration of arrivals, departures, changes of address or other alterations to personal data. A software solution with optimally integrated processes is needed to provide the best service for citizens: SAP residence control.


Citizens are at the centre of SAP management of existing and incoming residents. All potential processes can easily be accessed via an online platform. Citizens can quickly and easily navigate this – and are not limited to opening hours of council or other offices.


SAP software, with the latest cutting-edge technology, supports your experts with the greatest ease of use and optimised processes. Happy and satisfied employees, who do not have to grapple with system crashes or errors, will be more relaxed at work and will pass on this satisfaction to their clients – in this case, the citizens.

Towns and communes

These days, towns and communes do not work for themselves, but interact with many other towns/communes, cantons and authorities.

To ensure seamless communication and cost-efficient working, SAP's residence control offers standardised interfaces based on eCH standards. These interfaces cover the full range, from registry offices (Infostar) to Sedex, and ensure smooth connections with other SAP systems (e.g. SAP ERP).

Such interfaces have already been used in many towns and communes for years and have proved to be a safe and reliable link.


Show citizens how well organised your towns and cities are, with a cost-efficient and swift presence.

All aspects of administration for citizens are already part of the standard programme and have been optimised based on feedback from many towns and cities, to avoid unnecessary waits for citizens and staff.  This efficient approach saves time and money and shows citizens that you are using their resources in the best way.


The user initially customises the software, including its interface and operation. SAP sought new approaches to this. From SAP CRM 7.0 onwards, SAP has a new web-based interface that can be used as easily as a website in a browser. Its intuitive use and layout can be individually tailored to the town or commune and makes the user feel comfortable and enables him to operate the system more quickly and cost-efficiently.