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Government & Public Services plays a critical role in achieving global goals that aim to address poverty, environmental sustainability, and economic stability. Deloitte is committed to cultivating social progress and strengthening societies across the globe.

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Non-Governmental Organisations and International Development Organisations: Enhancing impact through Insights-Driven Action Prioritisation

How Non-Governmental Organisations and International Development Organisations can foster trust in stakeholders, optimise future efforts and resource allocation through analytics in five steps.

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A new digital platform for accumulating ideas in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UpLink, One Year On

World Alliance of YMCAs

Reimagining itself to build resilience

Deloitte donates 5,000 laptops and supports Unicef’s COVAX appeal

We’ve seen how our 5 Million Futures partner organisations have responded to these huge shifts too, ensuring they are supporting their beneficiaries, employees, pupils and colleagues through this challenging time.

Digital Transformation

The journey to digital transformation in the Government and Public Sector

Findings from an online survey about digitalisation - such as eGovernment, eVoting, electronic identification and remote working - in the Swiss administration, run on 1,500 people living in Switzerland and working in the Government and Public Sector.

Sustainable impact


With increased regulatory, societal and stakeholder pressure, it is imperative for companies to manage their economic, social and environmental impact. 

2020 Global Impact Report

Repair and reshape creating a better normal

Future of Food: Responsible Production

Connecting yield increase and sustainability

A shock to the food system

Lessons for the food system from the COVID-19 pandemic

The global food system transformation

The time to change is now

Modern Slavery

The important role financial institutions can play in combatting it

Global Impact

Reaching deep in low-income markets

Enterprises achieving impact, sustainability, and scale at the base of the pyramid

Women, energy, and economic empowerment

Applying a gender lens to amplify the impact of energy access

Social Progress in 2030

Developing beyond economic growth

Deloitte at the World Humanitarian Summit

Supporting the global humanitarian agenda 

United Nations & Non-Governmental Organisations

Sharing values on societal challenges and humanitarian initiatives

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Julius N. Hill

Julius N. Hill


Julius is the Swiss Sector Leader for International Development Organizations (IDO) and Consulting Partner based in Geneva. In his sector role, Julius leads Deloitte’s service strategy for IDO and is ... More

Bob Dillen

Bob Dillen


Bob has over 15 years of experience, spanning a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Computer Forensics, e-Discovery, and Forensic Accounting. He has managed engagements ranging from intellectual ... More

Vincenzo Chiochia

Vincenzo Chiochia


Dr. Vincenzo Chiochia is Director at Deloitte Consulting in the Analytics and Information Management practice. He has over 15 years of experience managing large analytics and software development proj... More